Below are some of the testimonials our clients have written about Carnfield Hall Canine Hydrotherapy & Physiotherapy. For more reviews and to see our five star rating, visit the review section on our facebook page.


‘The service provided by Carnfield Hall is exceptional. Dogs and owners alike are treated with kindness and understanding and the hydrotherapy/physiotherapy treatments are first class. It can be stressful and emotional when your four legged friend is recovering from injury/surgery and this is always taken into consideration.”

Fiona Kennedy & Pep

“Garth started coming here following a torn cruciate ligament and surgery at EMR – it was wonderful to see him enjoying swimming and know it was helping his fitness and recuperation. We tried to come three times weekly initially and now four months on we still come every week because he enjoys it so much and it helps his fitness levels. I even bring my other dog along once a month. We always have a nice time here and all the hydrotherapists are really good with the dogs and provide a welcoming and professional service”

Karen Sykes

“My dog loves to go to Carnfield Hall Canine Hydrotherapy, she just loves the pool, it is lovely and clean and warm, lovely shower after and then blow dried to make sure she is dry after her swim, especially with the weather being so cold. Every one that works here is fully qualified in their work and are very helpful to my dog. Lots of help and advice given and everyone is so friendly. Ken swims with my dog and she really trusts him in the pool. Everything is always lovely and clean”

Miss M

“Fantastic facility, great staff, good prices, my dog has so much fun and she gets fit”

Mrs M

“After surgery or even a older dog, swimming is the best thing. Although you may not see any effect straight away, please be patient as it will benefit them so much. I’ve been bringing my dog for a year now and it’s the best she has walked, even with a screw in her leg! The service is amazing. The staff are so friendly and both dog and owner treated with wonderful care.”

Ann Johnson & Jenny

“Stanley’s life has totally changed since he started hydro. He is a very nervous dog who has teo titanium hips. He has lost 6kg’s in weight and really loves his hydro. He barks when we get within 800 yeards of Carnfield as he is so happy to come. It has not only increased his fitness level but also his confidence. We come every week and it is worth every penny. Such a brilliant place with caring staff”

Jane & Ralph James

“Due to dedicated staff our goldie was up and running in no time after a big op.”

E Mather

“Glad we found this service. We feel that it offers excellent value for money”

Ms A

“The improvement in my dogs mobility and demeanour has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. Her quality of life and enjoyment of it is fantastic to see. Carnfield provide a friendly and professional service. The time, patience and knowledge given to my dog have been extensive. She is getting fitter and happier every day. Her enthusiasm¬† for her weekly visits is obvious for all to see.

Lynne Walker & Coco